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Freeze up coming

A group of visitors from the college was planned to arrive around noon but the trip was canceled due to poor weather conditions.


  • Fog horn started up at 1 am, light fog, didn’t last very long.
  • Wind NE 15-25 knots most most of the day.
  • The forecast is calling for temperatures to fall below freezing in the coming days.
  • Fresh snow visible along the coast in Metchosin








  • Checked on exposed water lines, started up assistant house furnace to keep above freezing.
  • Did some clean up of blown off roof shingles, broken gutters, pipe, etc.
  • Ran derrick engine
  • Cleared boat ramp
  • Generator automatically shut down due to overspeed fault.
  • Requested new log peavey to replace old broken one.


  • Photos below of The Argent Daisy, a chemical tanker, passing by Race Rocks.


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