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Click for a video of sites and sounds of the sealionsFrom 2011 on, all Race Rocks videos are now available under this link to posts:

 Archived Video Below

Note: Some of these videos are in Quicktime Format which now is not accessible with some browsers.  Now we find out that the new operating system for Apple Macs now only accepts .mp4 s so I am now in the process of converting all the old .movs…..It will take a while..

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Big Waves


  • Visibility: 10 Miles
  • Wind:  0-15 SE
  • Sky: cloudy all day
  • Water: The swells were more than a metre today


  • Had some ecotours brave the waves


  • Sea lions seem to be multiplying still and getting closer to the house
  • Saw a couple humpbacks out there again today


  • Had to the run generator for quite a while today but couldn’t run the desalinator because the sea lions would not move
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