History of Race Rocks.


See this file on the Lantern room of the Race Rocks tower


Historical markers & border monument.. Update with new Archival History


Our file of the Shipwrecks of the Area


Trev and Flo Anderson: lighkeepers at Race Rocks and their early relationship with Pearson College

Archival record of
Earthquake report at Race Rocks in 1872

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Peaceful Day


  • Visibility: 15 Miles
  • Wind: 5-10 N/NE, picked up to 25-40 knots SW overnight
  • Sky: sunny and clear
  • Water: mostly calm, choppy at times


  • Saw two ecotour boats go by
  • No visitors


  • The pups were left alone last night and today, thankfully. Had a peaceful day of sleeping in the sun and recovering from being attacked several times over the last few days.
  • The male elephant seals all kept to themselves today.
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