Old Bricks at Race Rocks

Bricks for engineroom Baker Bricks for engineroom
The bricks for the base of the flyweel were excavated from various deposits on the island. Grass grows between the bricks by 2007 Distinctive markings occur on some bricks. We hope to trace the origins.( see this file for information on the BAKER bricks.)
Calyburn Bricks for engineroom Bricks for engineroom Bricks for engineroom
Clayburn Bricks were made after is 1905 and before 1930 in the first Company town in BC. Clayburn Brick Factory in Abbotsford BC.
Bricks and debris near the shore by the tower. The beige bricks were firebrick.
This page is presented to reflect some of the historic origins of the materials used in the construction of the original buildings at Race Rocks. When you examine the pictures from the turn of the last century, you can see that only the tower now remains of the original buildings. Through the years, as buildings were replaced, the old construction materials were often just pushed over the edge or left buried in the ground. Whenever we encounter these locations, we try to recover some of the materials as historical evidence for the area. We urge any viewers who may have insight into the origin or use of these materials to contribute to these files by contacting us.