Historic and Prehistoric Markers at Race Rocks

burial cairnsFirst Nations Burial Cairns at Race Rocks.




concrete cylinder

Concrete Cylinders, probably used for allignment in the 1860 construction of the lighthouse





International marker

A reference in this article helps explain the occurrence of three similar markers at Race Rocks. This was in reference to Discovery Island, but the same type of markers occur at Race Rocks.

Three cast concrete cylinders referenced the original lighthouse. These were positioned in a straight line with distances measured between each and the lighthouse.”

Resurvey of the Boundary Between the United States and Canada from Point Roberts on the 49th Parallel to the Pacific Ocean. By David Steele, PLS, Survey Manager for the Washington State Dept.of National Resources.ESS Article , Spring 2002 (pdf file)Our thanks to David Steele for permission to use his article. The acronym in the file name “ESS” means Evergreen State Surveyor, which is the Land Surveyors Association of Washington quarterly journal.
brassModern Survey markers at Race Rocks.





Commemorative brass plate from the Royal Canadian Navy on the tower marking the 100th year anniversary of the tower.



Materials for this file have been assembled over several years by Garry Fletcher Educational Director, racerocks.com, former faculty member at Lester B. Pearson College. If anyone has any insight into these or other markers or artifacts on the island, we would appreciate hearing from you