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students at Race Rocks photo by Laura Verhegge

IB Marine Science Students at Race Rocks –photo by Laura Verhegge

We hope that this website on the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve can provide the content for a variety of educational and research experiences for students of all ages. This contents page provides links to specific objectives of a number of curricula using the resources of / It also includes specific assignments, with objectives and procedures to carry out investigations in the classroom or for other forms of distance education. We always encourage contributions from other educators with further ideas for activities associated with this web site. If you can suggest ideas for this site to target specific objectives, we would welcome your input. If we can make this a useful resource for distance education then our goal is achieved

1. The IB Marine Science Blog for Pearson College:

2. OceanQuest , A Curriculum Guide

3. Strategies For A Sustainable Marine Future

4. Labs using the Race Rocks resources

5. Additional Educational resources and Archives

6. International Baccalaureate and Other Curriculum Archives

7. The Jason Curriculum for Middle School __UWCpearsoncollegeicon__________________________________________________________________________ 1.The Pearson College UWC IB Marine Science Blog  notetakersThis blog by Laura Verhegge, biology faculty member at Pearson College UWC, presents images and descriptions of the activities of her two marine biology classes at the College. Posts referring to activities at  Race Rocks  can be found here:

2. OceanQuest collage3sWith the support of Open Schools BC, this curriculum guide to activities at Race Rocks provides curriculum related activities at Junior and high school level which feature the topics highlighted below:
cradle isleviews
Ecosystem Services Adopt an Ecosystem
pinkgreens thayerpops
 normalcurve piecharts ethology
 Saving Images
rrodum3diags dichots bones
Material Cycles or Biogeochemical Cycles

3. Strategies For A Sustainable Marine Future hexagrammosdecagramsThis resource demonstrates what marine environmental sustainability means locally and how people can be encouraged to be committed. Science education on the issues we encounter in the Ocean Environment is presented.

2.0 Environmental Sustainability in our Marine Environment 3.0 The Biodiversity of life within the Ecosystems 4.0 Physical Story
5.0 Humans as part of Ocean Systems 6.0 A Choice of Futures 7.0 Educational Curricular Links

4. Labs using the Race Rocks resources

The Tidepool File

solar energy in education
The Race Rocks Taxonomy: This lab presents a template to encourage other schools to use a similar approach for recognition and conservation of biodiversity in their own local ecosystems. Coastal Ecosystems of Southern Vancouver Island. The contiguous Ecosystems in the District of Metchosin are highlighted along with the anthropogenic effects on habitat. Investigation on Solar: Energy Ideas with objectives and procedures on how to use the solar energy data from Race Rocks as an educational investigation. This file has a set of Kite diagrams drawn using EXCEL representing the distribution of organisms in the intertidal zone
Ecological niche modelling
Black Oystercatcher labs
The Tidal Cycle at Race Rocks &Tidal Level Changes as Abiotic Factors
Doing a Transect Study of Environmental Gradients
Race Rocks as a Resource for Statistics exercises: Transfer data being recorded at Race Rocks from a spread sheet in order to be able to graph trends and analyze relationships
mussel lab
Mussel Mariculture Lab
Pam Birley's gallery 2013
Check this out, there is a potential exercise here: Long term photo gallery images
Newspaper and radio resources
robjenpool7The Tidepool FIle

5. Additional Educational Resources and Archives

santiago archivefirst panelcompletem
robinstrumpool4s grouptablem sealionsunsets
Archives of Pearson College Biology and Env Systems  Field Trips Distance Education
and Environmental Stewardship
Screen Captures to add to History of The Light Station and
contemporary History

 6. International Baccalaureate and Other Curricula

BC Biology Grade 11 curriculum references Selected Biology Prescribed Learning Outcomes are taken from the B.C.Ministry of Education K-12 Curriculum and Learning . The  Outcomes which are related to Race Rocks are presented on this page with links (current in 2005) Garry Fletcher Educational director, G.Fletcher, Marine Education Consulting Victoria, B.C. Canada

7. The Jason Curriculum for Middle School:Program activity files on Race Rocks: These files provide a detailed set of objectives and a teacher information file, as well as assessment methods. Pearson College UWC is a non-profit educational institution, one of the United World Colleges, with students on scholarship from over 80 countries. It operates and manages the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and Marine Protected Area for the Environment Ministry of BC Parks as a community outreach program. Students involved in our science and activities programs get the opportunity to participate in contributing to a website devoted to providing an educational resource for this unique environment. and was conceived as a project to utilize technology and the internet to bring to the educational community access to a sensitive ecosystem with an interactive website. Our goal was to do that without being part of a negative human environmental impact. Through the generous support of sponsors and partners, in March 2000, the website went live on the internet. Since that time multiple fixed and remote control cameras have sent live images continuously and the students and faculty of Lester Pearson College, as part of the ongoing stewardship of this area, have produced a large resource of supportive background materials and archived video. From the outset we have maintained a commitment to present a non-commercialized educational site. The role of a source of resources for Distance Education by the website was recognized by the Commonwealth of Learning selecting the website for its Excellence in Education Award 2004.

BiologyHigherLevelecologyTopic4andOptionG:The objectives of the IB program for secondary students are linked to appropriate activities and resources in this file.
Biology- Taxonomy :The objectives for the IB Biology Classification Unit are linked here:Environmental Systems: The objectives of the IB Environmental Systems program for secondary students are linked to appropriate activities and resources in this file :( This is archival material as the course has been changed and is no longer taught at Pearson College.)
Scavenger Hunt (An introduction to the website) Geology and Geography (Abiotic Characteristics at Race Rocks), Preserving the Past and Present Culture of Race Rocks (The Thirteen Moons), Maintaining our Coastal Ecosystems (An Ethology),
The Northern Abalone, Pinnipeds, Conservation, Seascape – Art