Camera 5- West of the Race Rocks Jetty

Camera 5- Remote Control –located west of the Race Rocks Jetty UWCpearsoncollegeiconPlease close this screen after you have watched it.  

Please close this screen in your browser after watching. The bandwidth used is very high so more viewers will be able to use the site if it is not streaming to your computer when you are not watching. If no one else is waiting, you can renew your view after two minutes.  

Directions for Control: Press the lower right square cross icon to gain control for 2 minutes at a time .  (You can regain control if no one else is trying to control the camera by clicking on the bi-directional arrow icon at the top.) Click directly on the image to change positions or on the panorama image below.  Use the vertical bar to zoom. At the top middle click on 320×240 down arrow and select 640×480.  If you see a “camera is busy sign”, this is because the maximum number of users has been reached. Wait a few minutes and try again. When not in control by a viewer, the camera will automatically move to pause 30 seconds at the 20 different presets.

Sample video image Sample still image

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A Windy Census


  • Visibility: 15 miles
  • Wind: 20-30 knots West all day
  • Sky: mostly clear.
  • Water: 1′ chop


  • Census day!
  • Saw a Steller sea lion branded 365Y.
  • Saw a California sea lion branded U949
  • I’m pretty sure the high winds were responsible for some of the lower bird counts.
  1. Harbour Seals: 114
  2. Steller (Northern) Sea Lions: 65
  3. California Sea Lions: 63
  4. Elephant Seals: 11 (8 on Great Race, 3 on Middle Rock)
  5. Seagulls unspecified: 251
  6. Pigeon Guillemots: 68
  7. Cormorants unspecified: 22
  8. Canada Geese: 17
  9. Black Turnstones: 16
  10. Surfbirds: 5
  11. Harlequin Ducks: 5 (2 males and 3 females)
  12. Black Oystercatchers: 4
  13. Savannah Sparrows: 4
  14. Bald Eagles: 2 (2 adults, 0 immature)
  15. Crows: 2


  • I spent a good portion of the day ill in bed.
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