Tidal Currents and Current Measurement at Race Rocks

currentnows straits ADCP6
Tidal Current Predictions for  Race Passage
Prediction: Graph and Tables
Animation of Currents in the Strait of Juan de Fuca Along with the installation of the Tidal Current turbine,  an ADCP was installed to give real time profiles of the Currents at Race Rocks. See the attached file for the type of profile that was generated:Sample of the result of the data analysis at Site 1:
sw24m rrfloods awac2
The Creation of the Race Passage Current Tables Video of the Flood Current at Race Rocks. See the File on wave and current measurement using the Acoustic Wave and Current instrument.
waterproperties cursymb tomiondeck1stomiondeck1s
PDF on Water Property of the Straits: DFO Field Lab on Current Studies using Drogues. Oceanographic
Research on Mixing in upwellings
of Race Rocks
kalles deweys ebbs
Growth on a New Substrate Exposed to Currents – Extended Essay Stratified Tidal Flow over a Bump
Richard Dewey,et al
Interactions of stratified flow on an isolated topographic feature: a bump to the east of Race Rocks.
MATLAB charts of barotropic
currents to the east of Race Rocks.
Link to the Tidal Current Power Project