Thick Foggy Day


  • Visibility: 10 miles at 5:30, down to 1/4 mile from 8:00-early afternoon. Back up to 10 in the evening.
  • Wind: 10-15 knots West in the morning, up to 25 in the evening.
  • Sky: fog everywhere! Fog horn went off continuously from 5:30-2:30.
  • Water: rippled, 2′ chop in the evening.


  • 17 elephant seals on Great Race today!
  • I think the 2 new ones are from Middle Rock, where only 2 remain.
  • Counted 88 harbour seals on Turbine Rock.
  • A rather subdued day for all the animals today. I suspect the fog had an impact.


  • Re-attached the gasket on the door of the wood stove. It had been partially pulled off by an errant log last time I made a fire.
  • Weed whacked more thistles and stuff.


  • Zero boats because fog.