Sunny May Day on the Rock


  • Visibility: 15+ miles
  • Wind: 0-5 knots NE, then S
  • Sky: clear and sunny!
  • Water: calm
  • Welcome springtime!


  • The usual 15 elephant seals on Great Race today.
  • Thought I saw whales out West at sunset. I definitely saw something coming up for air and blowing jets of water.

Elephant seal salad


  • Wrote the April month end report today amongst the usual chores.


  • 5 eco-tours came by today.
  • Some of them appeared to be too close to the harbour seals on Turbine Rock.
  • The viewing distance for boats near marine mammal haul-outs has been accepted by the Ecotour community to be 100 metres.


  • DND blasts at 10:14, 10:16, and 10:20.