Opalia chacei: Chace’s Wentletrap–The Race Rocks Taxonomy

The species has a sprial ridge near the body whorl (the axial ribs may not terminate at this ridge)without a sprial ridge near the base of the body whorl (the axial ribs continue to the base of this whorl) Usually with 7 axial ribs (intertidal and subtidal) DuShane,H.1979.
opaliatealia This photograph of this species with the anemone Tealia at Race Rocks was taken by Johan Ashuvud and G.Fletcher in 1980. The photo of Opalia on the glove was captured on video by David Roman (PC, yr23) in October, 1997. Note: there is also a top snail, Calliostoma on the red algae Lithothamnion in the upper right of the photo. David and Garry’s dive in 1997 was planned specifically to try to find this species of snail again and indeed they found it in the same location. It can be found on the main cliff, west of the jetty,  subtidal at 8-10m meters depth. (location Peg 3, Depth 8.5m), Typically it is always found on small patches of white shell fragments at the base of a cliff.

opaliaDomain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Mollusca
Class Gastropoda
Subclass Prosobranchia
Order Mesogastropoda
Superfamily Epitoniacea
Family Epitoniide
Genus Opalia
Species chacei
Common Name Chace’s Wentletrap
Other Members of the Phylum Mollusca at Race Rocks.

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