More gulls and eagles around


Beautiful day with a light west wind ,a calm sea and a very good visibility


Before 7:30 AM,2 eagles were already around getting the gull mad.It looks that the colony is really growing these days . Now many one and 2 years birds, are around on the adjacent rocks  and when they feel threaten ,everyone of them ,except the incubating ones,are in the air.They take the solar panels as a launching platform and I never saw them as dirty as Today..We needed two full big buckets of water to get the job done. We discovered a nest and 3 eggs under the solar panel. The cleaning will become complicated  when the chicks are born!

Finally the old /sick Elephant Seal went back to the water after 36 hours on  land . She didn’t stay long but at least.I don’t know if she managed to get some food…her skin looks a little better.


7people came with Kyle on second Nature and among them Riley and his parents..They went to visit the lighthouse. The Elephant Seal were reacting a lot to people .


Jetty work:Guy fixed the new ladder; very useful when it’s full of Sea lions and at the high tide. He had to put first anchors in the concrete.We had to clean the end of the jetty . It was so dirty and smelling.Actually an heavy duty cleaning day on the solar panels too.