Mid Month Shift Change


  • Visibility: 15+ miles
  • Wind: 0-10 knots
  • Sky: sunny with clouds
  • Water: 1′ chop


  • There were 8 elephant seals on Great Race today.
  • In the afternoon, 5 of them headed down to the ramp for a dip, but none of them departed.
  • There seem to be less seagulls and cormorants than last time I was here.
  • By contrast, there seems to be more songbirds and ducks.


  • Everything seems to be in good order. Spent the afternoon unpacking and settling in.


  • Kyle picked up Anne around 10:00, and brought me out to Great Race around 11:00.
  • Saw one eco-tour in the reserve.
  • Several fishing boats out of the reserve.
  • A tug towing a large barge passed by the Rosedale Rock.
  • Another tug towing what looked to me like a pile driver passed to the north of the reserve.