Last Day of the April Month


  • Visibility: 15+ miles
  • Wind 0-5 knots most of the day, 15-20 West in the evening
  • Sky: sunny
  • Water: calm


  • 15 elephant seals on Great Race today.
  • 10 of them were in the water playing at 6 AM.

E-seal rest time


  • Cleaned the windows of the eco-guardians house.
  • Entered the sea water data and sent it off to Peter Chandler.
  • More goose work.
  • Ran the desal.
  • Had to restart the communications in the tower after shutting off the generator.


  • 3 eco-tours came by today.
  • One black boat that looked like an eco-tour came by, but it only had one occupant,


  • The mystery buoys are still appearing from time to time in Middle Channel.
  • However they don’t exclusively appear at low tides, so I am baffled.
  • Will have to get out there to remove them sometime.