Diesel Delivery and Desalinator Technician

Fuel in, garbage out

Fuel in, garbage out

Weather: Wind N 15-20 knots


  • 1 ecotour
  • Kyle, Guy and a desalinator technician arrived around 1300 in second nature


  • offloaded 4 diesal barrels from second nature to race rocks
  • technician looked over desalinator HP pump, suggest bringing it in for a rebuild once parts available
  • Offloaded 5 sling loads of garbage and recycling including: scrap metal, glass, old wet carpets, asphalt shingles, 2 old treadmills, broken small appliances/electronics, TV, oil/fuel rags, empty paint/spray cans, scrap wood, and old line trimmer.
  • stored diesel barrels, pumped 1 barrel to tidy tank and filled day tank.
  • greased steering shaft of whaler
  • filled fuel in whaler