Census day

Harbour Seal:104

Californian Sea lions:8


Elephant Seals :8 on main and 1 on middle

Glaucous winged gulls:667


Harlequin ducks:1

Pigeons -Guillemots:30

Canadian Geese:2

Eagle:0 but 3 seen around this week



Light Southwest wind,sea :flat;Sky:cloudy;Visibility:+10 miles.


More gulls everyday and some are mating so new nests coming.The census from the tower confirmed what we thought.It was interesting to discovered a new Elephant seal on middle rocks :a very long and golden specimen. We never saw her before on main. Those last day we have between 6 and 8 elephants on main at night.About gulls : it hard to believe that those grayish birds with a black beak will become those white and light gray ones with a yellow beak..beautiful and short mutation


The generator has been working for 4 hours (last time :12 days ago) and the desalinisator  for11 hours (last time 8 days ago).

Guy reemplaced the water cistern hatches that were worn out with some good marine plywood ones and put a few coats of paints .The second coat was a bright yellow ! for a few second it was a shock for me ! at the end a discreet gray…ouf!

The grass around the eco guardians house has been cut

Inside work: kitchen cabinets


No so busy in the strait . For whale watching vessels ,it’s the same traffic every day. A huge cruising boat going to Victoria and a beautiful and big fishing boat going to the West coast in the early morning


One and only one” BOUM”! from DND at 10h30…

Some visitors in the evening : Chris family :6 people