Busy week


The whole week we had a very light wind , a flat and calm sea . Perfect hot Summer days…Almost no wind,sometimes from east. and a very good visibility from 15 to 30 miles



Sea lions :320

Harbour seals:82

Seashore birds:15


River otters:1 ( dead chicken found)

Elephant seals:0

Geese :16(quickly gone )


Oystercatchers :2

Cormorants :1 seen around North Rock


We saw some branded Sea lions :8101 and 2 others and I spot one with a huge swollen eye !


We had some problem with the inverter 2 which went off and gave as a consequence no electricity in the guest house so no more phone and internet on the Rock . Guy uninstalled the whole system and Kyle came early before a meeting at the college and they reinstalled the whole thing.The generator and desalinator have been on. the soft water tank filled up to full.and Guy chopped more wood.  He needs to reinstalled the electrical line almost everyday especially the one close to the main house . The Sea lions fight so much to get the good spots in the evening that they fall on each other and on the lines  Otherwise the system is working well


Evan Guy who was working at the college since June went to spend his last night on the rocks


We have been off island a lot because of some mandatory and interesting meetings at the college before the beginning of the school year. Next week we will go back the routine and will welcome the new first year students for their first visit of the rock! exciting!