An Elephant Seal in a bad shape


Wind:Very windy day ! From 7:00 AM It was around 25 knots from West ,got to 35.4 knots around 11:00 AM and stayed strong to 13:00.. later it  dropped to 25 knots and stayed like that to 10:00 PM. Atmospheric pressure:1012 HPA and Temperature:13.3 Celsius. Rain in the evening but not enough to get the solar panels cleaned.


We saw the jet of a whale but it was very far…

We worry a lot for a female elephant Seal that looks in very bad shape. We found her in the railway trying to get the water but not moving,panting and shivering.. and her skin was full of pink scares..impressive .Gulls and Oystercatchers are now incubating and most of the nest have 3 eggs .Some pigeons-guillemots are still mating. A lot of biological activity around the rock.The big male elephant seals are not finished their moult. it will take a while.


2US ships were going to the ocean. Usual traffic but not so many Eco-tour boats :too much wind I guess