All West Wind


  • Visibility: 15 miles
  • Wind: 25-30 knots West
  • As I write this at 20:00 the wind has picked up to 35 knots
  • Sky: cloudy, now raining
  • Water: 4′ chop and whitecaps
  • Gale warning in effect until tomorrow.

Early morning Mt. BakerEarly morning Mt. Baker 2


  • 15 elephant seals on Great Race today.

Seal FestPeaking over the Rocks


  • Some goose work this morning.


  • Saw the HMCS Winnipeg out in the straight.

HMCS Winnipeg


  • Got a phone call today from Pearson College indicating that CBC All Points West was interested in interviewing me about my experience following Leicester’s Premier League win at a lighthouse on an island.
  • They found out about me from a comment I had on The Guardian’s live blog.
  • Anticipating a possible phone call from CBC Radio, I spent all afternoon near the phone, but nothing happened.