A very windy Saturday: 43 knots


It has been a very windy day  on the 27th ,so surprising in August and after a few calm weeks. Anyway if it was windy it was sunny too and the spectacle around was just stunning!DSC_0080

At 7:30AM the wind was already at 37 knots . It went down later in the morning to 28 knots but picked up soon to 41 and 43 knots before 5:00PM and stayed strong late in the evening 35.5knots at 8:20 PM when I went for the water sampling.


If you look at the solar panels condition every morning those days, you must deduct that the waters around are really fishy…they are so sticky and dirty! and actually you can spot flocks of white birds on the sea.We have more and more sea lions on Main and around . they are almost everywhere. Not so many birds steady on the rocks . Almost all young one are flying but  some are still dependant of their adult parents .No more elephant seal. no more Pigeon -guillemots but many turnstones…We cannot go anymore in the intertidal zone …it’s the sea lions territory. When I went to do the water sampling I had the surprise to find a “Bernard l’hermite “swimming in the jar. I bring it back to the ocean ! 2 more bodies of gulls for a total of around 20.


Guy need to reorganize the electrical lines 2 times a day at least . They destroyed everything ,especially around the jettyDSC_0207DSC_0211

This week we had some problem with the generator . New one is coming soon.


Always many whale watcher and a specific one is speeding all the time ! Frustrating situation! and  a plane was over.