48 knots gust of wind!


At 5:30AM 25 knots west wind;Sea :wavelets and white cups,Visibility :+10 miles,Gale warning for Noon.Fog on the american coast 1st time in a week. No real change to 2:00 in the afternoon. At 1:40 fog is coming towards us…rushing for my earplugs (the best wax kind ). At 2:00 the wind pick up at 29 knots and the fog got pretty thick and was at 150 meters from Great .First 3 notes of the season at 2:48 !!!

The wind forced up regularly from #5 knots at 3:45 to 39 at 4:30 to reach a pick of 47.8 at 7:50. We were (I mean  the house) shaking!!! At 9:00 the wind was down around 30 knots

At 7:27 A Mae West at the radio VHF on the 16 ,Problems around Jericho Beach.


A big eco – tour boat at 8:30 PM with a 40 knots wind.

We saw a big fishing boat heading up towards Sooke against the wind in the afternoon.


House cleaning  jobs

Yellow tank ( generator) filled up to full.

Starboard corner being rebuilt in fiberglass (Water infiltrations )

Solar panels.


Finally I managed not perfectly but…to put some “not so good pictures “on the log. I will get used to this beautiful but very heavy camera.

Water sampling: Because of the wind we did it a little bit later but the tide was still rising to midnight. the water was colder than the days before and the salinity a little bit higher.