Locations of three of the concrete cylinders that we think we were used in the construction phase of the tower Correct location as indicated by concrete adhesions on the rock surface Cylinder #1 had become detached from the rock, as it was in a storm exposed area on the East side.
Cylinder 2 lies down on the vegetated area. We have not determined its original location yet. Cylinder #3 is in its original location, the only marker undisturbed over the years. Surface markings on cylinder #3.
A significant reference in this article helps explain the occurrence of three similar markers at Race Rocks. This was in reference to Discovery Island, but the same type of markers occur at Race Rocks. ” Three cast concrete cylinders referenced the original lighthouse. These were positioned in a straight line with distances measured between each and the lighthouse.”
Cylinder #3. Cylinder #4 was just recently found down in the surge channel west of the engine room. We are still trying to figure out its original location so we can reattach it.

Materials for this file have been assembled in 2006 by Garry Fletcher, Educational director,, former faculty member at Lester B. Pearson College.