with the blowing snow and NE wind at 30+ knts.

March 2,2003: The 2 Elephant Seals still spending most of the day hauled out on Gr. Race,the one that had been injured prefers an inland spot while the other one favours the boat ramp.We hear them after midnight,they can be quite noisy going and returning from feeding.

March 5,2003: The 2 Elephant Seals are still hauled out, the ‘roamer has stayed tucked in behind the boat house out of the wind.The other has become a fixture by the boat house door.

March 6, 2003: They tied their boat at the outer end of the dock, maybe a little intimidated by the Elephant Seal stretched out on the ramp,but most likely they didn’t want to disturb him. He is actually very docile especially if you approach him slowly and carefully.

March 7,2003: Both Elephant Seals still hauled out most of the day,one on the ramp and the other a bit restless today moving from place to place,ended up behind the boat house.

March 8, 2003: The Elephant Seals took to the water which at 7.4? would be warmer than the air at 0? with the blowing snow and NE wind at 30+ knts.

March 10, 2003: The 2 Elephant Seals hauled out all day in their usual spots.

March 13, 2003: he one Elephant Seal we call the roamer did not haul out today but the other big fellow moved up out of the way of the swells on the ramp and spent the whole day with his nose literally pressed against the boat house door