Windy month to date


From the 9th to the 13th  the wind was never lower than 20 knots from west and reached 42 knots on the 10th and all the time a gust in the afternoon


The usual elephants seals are on the rocks sleeping or playing in the water; that means  at least 6 of them.More chickens every day and  very nervous adults gulls.


Heavy cleaning of the solar panels everyday.Desalinator on and sea water pump too for the sea water underground reserve. New propane tank on and 200 liters more in the main house. Cleaning of the boat and shed.


Whale watchers : they stay longer if the elephant seals are there for a show . Kyle went around the rock with people aboard .


For 2 days from Monday to Wednesday morning I took a student with me. Ibrahim from Egypt  is working in the kitchen for the whole Summer so it has been a good break for him.