Thursday, December 06, 2001
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max 8.8C — Min 4.5C — Reset 7.7C Rain 5.0 mm — Windy day
WEATHER: A great weather day! Very noisy with the howling and whistling 35-46knt. winds out of the west.At times the rain, moderate and horizontal, reduced visibilty to 1/2 mile as some of you may have noticed on cameras #1 and #3. The constant pounding of the waves,especially during high tide causes the house to ‘rumble’ not unlike small earthquakes.
MARINE LIFE: The dead mammal is a very small Harbour Seal, looked to be about 8 or 9 kilos and 70cms. There are no external wounds, however the seal seems under sized with not much body fat, and for some reason failed to thrive.It would appear that it has been dead for 2 or 3 days and came ashore on a flooding tide in a knot of kelp and driftwood.
Many of the sea lions rafted about in the relative calm sea in the lee of Gr. Race while 40-50 Harbour Seals spent several hours ‘surfing’ in the 3-4metre breakers between the Southeast Rocks and Gr. Race
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:08 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast — Vis. 15 Miles — Light Rain Shower — Wind South West 23 Knots — Sea 4 Foot Moderate
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