Whales and sealions

TEMPERATURE: Max. 14.1 ºC »» Min. 9.6 ºC »» Reset 14.0 ºC
MARINE LIFE: The chatter on the marine radio reported sightings of some Minke whales and also a Humpback but not unfortunately close to us. We did see several Orca a mile or so beyond the MPA boundries.This morning we counted 172 California, 9 Northern Sea lions hauled out on West, Middle and North Rocks. The group hauled out at the dock and along the north shoreline of Gr. Race still numbers 13-15 California and 2 Northern.Most of the day they spend sleeping but through the night get quite vocal. Most of the young gulls have stopped returning to the nest areas and are usually chased off by the adults.
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 37 Ecotour boats, 2 Charter dive boats and 7 pleasure craft through the reserve today.Station boat to Pedder Bay and back this morning.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:27 PM