Westmont School, for the 10:00 AM live webcast

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Good Evening:
TEMPERATURE Max 15.C  Min 9.2C Reset 9.2C
MARINE LIFE: A fairly quiet day on the island, perhaps due to the heavy fog which came several times. Two Bald Eagle visits this morning, however none this afternoon. A very low tide revealed some sun bleaching on the surf grass in the low intertidal. The Goslings are quite large now, perhaps double their size of last week. It is a shame to note that we saw no Sea lions today, they have not been present since the DND blasting a few days ago.
HUMAN IMPACT: 7-8 ecotourism vessels today, despite the fog. Second Nature emerged from the fog to dock with Garry and another group of 4 school children from Westmont School, again for the 10:00 AM live webcast. Garry noted that he had never seen the fog as heavy as this morning. Within a half hour it lifted. Zodiac was taken out twice in the afternoon. The divers went in around the docks at 18:30.
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Good Morning:
WEATHER: Sky Overcast  Vis. 8 miles  Wind 20 – 25 Knots from West  Sea 2-3 Foot Chop
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