Westerly, speeding, visitors

Monday a west wind picked up over night and was blowing over 20 knots most of the day with gusts over 40 knots.  The wind diminished over night and was calm on Tuesday.  I had been planning on picking up some guests Monday but it was too windy so rescheduled for Tuesday morning. Tuesday was partly sunny and today there has been a light N wind and partly cloudy sky. I went off island today for a short christmas visit with family.

On Tuesday a private sports fishing boat traveled through the reserve well in excess of the 7knot speed limit (within 400m of rocks). I signalled to the boat to slow down, they saw me and slowed down but not enough. I photographed the boat and got ID numbers and made a request to Pedder Bay Marina to check if it was a boat returning to their marina and if they could speak to the operator about the speed limit in the reserve.

On Sunday Chunk left great race and returned to Middle rock. There has been one moulting female elephant seal hauled out in the rocks in south bay.

-cut fire wood
-pulled in log from water
-cleaned solar panels
-2 visitors (arrived Tuesday)