Westerly blows and Elephant seals huddle

Friday, December 14, 2001

Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.9C — Min. 6.8C — Reset 6.8C — Rain 6.2 mm
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MARINE LIFE:the westerly continues to howl at 44-50 knots and the favoured spot on Gr.Race is the east Bay area.There are 250-300 gulls,beaks into the wind,along the ridges of the cliffs.The 26 Black Oyster Catchers prefer to huddle in twos and threes in the shelter of large bolders.There are 67 Northern Sea Lions and 26 California Sea Lions packed together like ‘pick-up’ sticks also along the east ridge.Closer to the water and in the lee of the house, two juvenile Elephant Seals are ‘cuddled’ together as if to keep warm.The Harbour Seals however seem to enjoy the surf and spend a lot of time diving into the 2-3 metre waves.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Part Cloudy Vis. 15 Miles — Wind 30 Gusting 45 Knots — Sea 6 Foot moderate with Moderate South West Swell
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