west wind and rain


  • Jan 21- visibility low due to rain and mist, wind N 15 knots
  • Jan 22- rain in the morning becoming clear, wind W 15-20 increasing to 30 before noon and becoming light in the evening.
  • elephant seals: mother, pup, other female and Chunk have stayed around the West side of the house all week.  It has been a week since pup birth, the pup is growing quickly and the mother is getting visibly thinner.


  • ran derrick to move logs
  • wood stove repairs- removed old fire bricks, baffle tubes and baffle boards, cleaned fire box. Installed new baffle board and tubes, new fire bricks and blower.
  • built a mesh cover for the second compost container.
  • transferred one more drum of diesel to tidy tank, both tanks now full
  • cut firewood
  • sent inventory list of fluorescent tube fixtures to Chris for upgrading to LEDs.
  • precipitation this week has done well to fill cistern


  • occasional DND blasting at Christopher point throughout the week.