Weekend Tallies

I lost track of the number of visits by tour boats this long weekend. It was at least 50. An orca pod hard been somewhere off Sooke so all the boats went through and visited on the way back. Sunday afternoon the pod transited the edge of the reserve heading East towards Trial Island and Victoria. Consequently there have only been about 5 boats here today (the rain and fog might be contributing to that number). I had to phone one of the operators as one of their new operators was oblivious to the guidelines here in the reserve. They apologized and promised to have a word with him.

I asked a pleasure fish boat to cease fishing in the reserve, and he was happy to comply. Ignorance is so often a factor in issues of conservation and human impact.

I was lucky enough to see, but not photograph a Red Knot. This unusual shorebird is an infrequent visitor to our shore and is likely migrating to above the Arctic Circle. Several other unidentified solitary shorebirds have also been seen, and more California Sea Lions are showing up. The rain is much appreciated as no more than a few millimetres have fallen in almost 2 months.