Wednesday, June 10

Wednesday was another westerly day with gentle winds of 10 – 15 in the early morning rising to 25 – 30 knots by evening. Sunshine prevailed, although visibility was reduced by haze to less than 15 nm. The barometer is 1014 and falling and the forecast calls for gale warnings continued with sunny skies and a very low probability of precipitation.

Only one whale watching boat was observed in the Ecological Reserve today and no sports fishing activity was noted.

Ecological happenings continued to develop as they have been over the last few weeks. Nothing of particular note happened today.

In terms of sustainability, the sunshine is really appreciated these days for powering the solar panels and maintaining the battery bank. It also allows the desalination plant to be run off solar power, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint. With the gulls in full attendance, washing the solar panels has moved into the realm of a daily activity from every second day but it is done with a sort of reverence for the power produced. The composting toilets are operating well now that temperatures are higher and they are an important piece of the sustainability picture here, increasing hygiene, reducing fly populations and saving on fresh water use.

I made a trip ashore today and met Peter from DFO. He provided a new temperature/salinity meter and we traded thermometers, replacing a mercury thermometer for a new alcohol thermometer.

There were no visitors and chores were routine.

The web-site has been down so I am late posting this. Thursday’s log will be posted in the morning.