Water Heater

Clear skies. Light variable winds in the am, moderate West in the pm.
The barometer has been steady all day. Forecast is for similar weather tomorrow.

24 tour boats
2 recreational fishing boats passed through
1 halibut boat off the West edge of the reserve

Business as usual for the animal life in the reserve today. The elephant seals went down to the water midday to cool off. The gulls are noisy and trying to attack me. I saw the river otter this afternoon by the crane deck. Max spotted an Oystercatcher nest right next to the jetty walkway, on the West side just as the ramp steps up. There were a lot of tour boats today. They are sometimes hard to count because some boats make several passes through the reserve on their way West and on their way back to the city. But I saw all the usual boats today. There was an aircraft carrier by Esquimalt harbour most of the day, it left late this afternoon.

Max brought out the hot water heater technicians today. He also took away the broken ladders, which was much appreciated. Chris brought two groups out in Second Nature for a tour through the reserve, but they didn’t stop on land. I’ll be taking the techs back to the college this evening.
-worked on Whaler bilge pump and running lights
-continued shift change prep
-finalized draft of SOPs and sent it to Chris