Visitors and Projects

Julia taking daily seawater salinity measurement

Jake and Julia left yesterday after 6 days on the island.  They helped with several projects while they were here.  Work projects over the past few days have included:

-Scraping, cleaning and painting the basement floor of the Science Center

-Topping up water level of the batteries and coating some of the battery terminals with anti-corossion paste

-Electronic data entry of visitor log

-Making new template for engine room log

-Transfering diesel to furnace tank

Jake painting the basement floor

-Pumping salt water to cistern and test filling the sand filter box

-Detangling new cable for camera 5 and sorting out existing conduit/cable situation

-Cleaning out gutters for rainwater harvesting system and chiselling out concrete lip to cistern filter box

-Organizing in the tank room

Erik came out yesterday to pick them up and dropped off my parents and my sister for an early christmas lunch.  I brought them back to the college in the afternoon.