Camera 1–Remote Control–Top of the Lighthouse

Camera 1- Remote Control –located on the top of the light tower..UWCpearsoncollegeiconPlease close this screen after you have watched it.



Directions for Control: Press the lower right square cross icon to gain control for 2 minutes at a time .  You can regain control if no one else is trying to control the camera. Use the presets or click directly on the picture to change positions. Use the vertical bar to zoom. At the top middle click on 320×240 down arrow and select 640×480. Please close this page when not in use to help us provide better bandwidth to others.  If you see a “camera is busy sign”, this is because the maximum number of users has been reached. Wait a few minutes and try again. Lester Pearson College purchased this camera, a Canon VB-C60  from NuSpectra.


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Very Foggy


  • Visibility: 15 Miles in the morning until about 1 this afternoon when there was a blanket of fog, could barely see the South Rocks
  • Wind: 15-20 NW this morning increased a little bit through the day
  • Sky: few clouds in the morning and heavy fog for some time this afternoon that came and went
  • Water: calm


  • very few boats around Race Rocks today, more further out
  • Some of them looked to be fishing and there were some sailboats out there


  • 11 elephant seals scattered around today
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