Ulva lactuca-sea lettuce

Kingdom Protista
Phylum Chlorophyta
Order Chlorophyceae
Family Ulvaceae
Class Ulvales
Genus Ulva
Species lactuca

Description: At Race Rocks, Ulva lactuca occurs in some areas at the .2 m level in the intertiidal zone. This plant is light to dark green, erect, lanceolate to broadly ovate, often ruffled along the margins, 18-60 cm. high; at times irregularly split into broad lobes, tapering abruptly near the base to a short stipitate region and a small discoid holdfast of rhizoidal cells.

Habitat:  On rocks and epiphytic on other algae in the upper intertidal zone; often floating on mud flats in the lower intertidal zone in quiet bays and lagoons.

Pacific Coast Distribution:  Bering Sea to Chile.

Adapted from:Robert Scagel, 1978

Photos by Ryan Murphy