Two Branded Sea Lions


  • Visibility: 15 miles
  • Wind: 15-25 knots NE
  • Water: 2′ chop
  • Sky: clear


  • Spotted two northern sea lions with brands on them. The bigger one seemed to have 76Y branded on it, although the “7” was a bit undefined. The smaller one had three circles branded on its side. I assumed this was a brand, although in one of Anne Stewart’s log posts she mentions “cookie cutter shark scars” so perhaps this sea lion has three of those in a row?
  • Chunk and Chuckles spent the day in the same positions as yesterday.
  • Sadly, the weaner elephant seal on Middle Rock seems to be deceased. When I looked over there this morning I saw 8 bald eagles and blood stains all over the rock. I assume that one of the males killed it in the night. The body must have washed into the water.
  • With that death, we are now 0/4 at Race Rocks with elephant seal pups for 2016; 1 pup killed accidentally and 3 weaners killed on purpose. Killed for what purpose we do not know.


  • Stacked more firewood today.
  • Hauled some very large logs off the ramp. They seemed like small boats.
  • Had some troubles getting the YSI to turn on, so I took the sea water samples the old fashioned way first, before finally getting the YSI to work.


  • No boats in the reserve today.