Turkey Vultures often land here during the fall migration—

Thursday, March 28, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.1 C Min. 6.0 C Reset 7.1 C  Rain 2.6 mm
MARINE LIFE: 4 Bald Eagles – 3 mature, only one pair of Geese today. Another wet and windy day but did have some visitors of note-just before noon 4 Turkey Vultures landed on the ridge just west of the Learning Centre. The other birds were somewhat wary but did not try to drive away the big vultures as they do with the eagles.The geese were very curious and waddled over to have a look all the time waving their necks back and forth. Unfortunately by the time the geese made their way from the flagpole to where the vultures were, they had taken off towards Bentinck Island.Turkey Vultures often land here during the fall migration but this is the first time I can remember seeing them in the spring.The small elephant seal is still hauled out on the ramp,it’s nose just 3 metres from the boat house door, quite comfortable and unconcerned with us passing by even just inches away.
HUMAN INTERACTION: The College boat in with supplies and to pick up the power washer for return to campus.
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Good MorningWEATHER: Sky Cloudy �� Vis. 15 Miles �� Wind South West 21 Knots �� Sea 3 Foot Moderate

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