Thor Heyerdahl visits Race Rocks

Not quite sure of the exact date for this visit but thought I would put it on in hopes that someone can narrow it down .

Thor Heyerdahl was on the Board of the United World Colleges when he made a visit to Lester Pearson College.  I remember two things he said on the way out to Race Rocks one was “why is it that whenever I visit  somewhere someone tries to get me on a boat”

Google Heyerdahl to dee other  famous quotes of this famous Norwegian Explorer.

As we approached North Rock on a heavy flood tide it appeared that the island was moving as we were going straight toward the lighthouse because we were being carried by the tide. He said that this was the reason that  The Galapagos Islands were called Las Islas Encantadas by early sailors who were maneuvering in the Humboldt Current.


Thor Heyerdahl on Ubatuba with a Norwegian Pearson College student on the way to Race Rocks.