The wounds look like they are healing very well,

Feb. 3 2003: The large male Elephant Seal is still hauling out on the boat ramp for several hours at a time then returning to the water to leisurely circle the island just off shore.He is not as vocal as he has been but do hear him snorting every half hour or so.

Feb 4 2003: The large Elephant Seal has not returned to the boat ramp but we do now have a juvenile that appears to be going through it’s ‘molt’.

Feb. 5,2003:. The young Elephant Seal seems settled in for an extended stay in front of the boat house and except for rolling from one side to the other a couple of times has not moved much.Unlike the big males this juvenile ‘growls’ if anyone approaches within 8-10 feet,we keep our distance anyway, don’t want to add stress to an already stressed animal.

Feb. 11, 2003: The molting juvenile Elephant Seal is still hauled out next to the boat house and just likes to be left alone.The Elephant Seal that was injured has returned! He has moved inland about half way across Gr. Race near the Science building. The wounds look like they are healing very well, his eyes are clear and healthy looking. The other male Elephant Seal still around but did not come ashore today.