The Sun is Shining Again

Ecological Happenings

  • Sea was still quite rough, with a large swell. Weather cleared up with calmer winds and clearer sky. A warmer day all in all.
  • Sea Lions were taking the opportunity to dry up.
  • A lot of feeding has been taking place – many bones have been found around the island, as well as fish scales over the solar panels.

Marine Vessels

One tour boat and one pleasure vessel within the reserve.


  • Commenced cleaning the buildings and other infrastructure.
  • Adjusted the pipes running from a broken vent (on the roof) into the indoor composting unit. The pipe (meant for airflow into the unit) was rather, leaking water into it, causing malfunction of the system.
  • Rewiring of the electric fence to the west of the island.
  • Treated the water tank with chlorine, as one step towards addressing water issues.
  • Trouble shooting remote controls for Cameras 1 & 5.


  • Staff meeting this morning with PC, reporting the goings-on at RR.
  • No visitors.