The return of the elephant seals

Elephant seals (on left is 8 foot female)

Over a week ago the last elephant seal had departed so I was surprised to see a new untagged seal arrive August 23. Since then, two have joined it and they all appear to be female. I recognize none of them and the larger one I measured to be nearly 8 feet long. The 3 don’t appear to have been fasting either and the 8-foot female in particular is quite large.

The new Glaucous-winged gulls born in late June are now flying all over the place and their parents are far less protective. The two pictured are the same from my earlier posts.

On a different subject, the island’s bird calls have been almost completely replaced by the sea lions’ barking now.

Glaucous-winged gulls

The sea lion numbers have grown and since August 21 have gradually moved from the jetty to the rocky shore on the East side of the island.

Sea lions on rocky East shore