The Race Rocks Ecological Reserve Warden Reports

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See this link for maintenance and Facility work carried out by the the Ecoguardian and the staff of Pearson College UWC .

Garry Fletcher was appointed as the Warden of the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve in 1980 by BC Parks. He and other faculty, students of the Marine science classes and the diving service  from Lester Pearson College had been successful in getting approval for their proposal of an Ecological Reserve for  Race Rocks.  Assisting in this stewardship role for Race Rocks  through the years have been many generations of students, the faculty, and the staff of Lester Pearson College. (See this reference to the reserve creation)

Up to 1997, the Light Keepers of Race Rocks, Trev and Flo  Anderson, Charles and Joan Redhead and Mike and Carol Slater   served a valuable role in assisting the  ecological reserve warden in the monitoring of the reserve. When the station was automated by the Canadian Coast Guard, and faced the prospect of the removal of staff from the island, Lester Pearson College stepped in and volunteered to take over the management of the reserve with a long-term permit from BC  Parks, and  provide a resident eco-guardian for the island. Mike and Carol were the first Ecoguardians. They were followed by Ryan Murphy (link to his photos) in November 2009, joined by Raisa Mirza (link to her photos) the following year.  In addition , for several summers, a former student, Adam Harding did the two month shift for the summer,

In 2011, Mike Robinson and Alex Fletcher took over in the Ecoguardian role with a job sharing schedule. Their logs are on this Race Rocks log, Julie Bowser was again back at the station for the summer. ( July, 2013), and Courtney Edwards has taken over the role of Ecoguardian in September 2013. She will do the September to December and the mid-March to end of June residency at Race Rocks.

Currently I have been  working on changing to the WordPress site, as well as transferring the logs, some written, that are available available from when the first Ecoguardians  were at the reserve. This Current WordPress log was only started in the fall of 2011. Some of Carol and Mike’s logs from 1998 are now included and they provide a valuable insight into the first observations,  patterns of change and migration of birds and mammals at various times of the year.

Garry Fletcher as Educational Director of