The Ecological Niche defined by Abiotic Factors

EconicheThe file linked here was included to illustrate the concept of the Ecological Niche of an organism. Ecological Niches are determined by all the Biotic and Abiotic factors that make up the limiting factors on an organisms environment. It is impossible to represent in a diagram all the factors which define the full ecological niche. After studying the two references linked on this page, write a discussion on how our built-up environments with cats, lawns, and other introduced species limit the ecological niches available and thus impact negatively on Biodiversity.

“The ecological niche of Anthopleura elegantissima at Race Rocks”
In this research essay, Santiago has adapted a tool from EXCEL to illustrate his concept of the “cloud” that represents an Ecological Niche of a sea anemone. This is an original interpretation and one which helps us visualize the dimensions of niche requirements.