The Boys are Moulting

SIx Pack Abs 6397 male

Juvenile Male and lighthouse

There has been a bit of a gender shuffle in the local elephant seal population. Only one female remains, finishing up her moult but several young males have appeared in their stead.

Chunk Beginning to Moult

This corresponds to what is reported in the literature. Misery has just the slightest pelage loss while Chunk is much further advanced…

  • April to May – Females and juveniles
  • May to June – Sub-adult males
  • July to August – Adult males

Metallic Coast Guard debris


I have been removing copper and lead debris from the foreshore and intertidal zone where the Coast Guard dumped them many years ago. Ignorance led to many unsound practices in the years proceeding the new environmental ethos. Both lead and copper are biocides and should not be left to leach into the beach and water.