Terebellid– unidentified sp. –Race Rocks taxonomy

(They aren’t always what they first appear to be)


In this photo by Ryan Murphy, the long thin, almost transparent ribbon, possibly a tentacle of a terebellid worm is shown along with a Pholus sp. gunnel and the siphons of a mollusc.


What we initially believed was a ribbon worm has been identified as a feeding tentacle!

We received this from Leslie Harris” I’m also pretty sure that the ribbon worm is really a terebellid feeding tentacle.  There appears to be a groove running the length of the tentacle and packets of detritus being carried in the groove back to the mouth. ”

In the following image, the tangle of tentacles are also from one of the Terebellidae.


Tentacles of terebellid worm. Photo by Ryan Murphy

Kingdom Animalia–animals
Classification from Animal Diversity Web: See other Annelids from Race Rocks:

The Taxonomy files are the result of collaboration between students, faculty, staff and Volunteers of Lester Pearson College— Garry Fletcher, 2010