Tangled Elephant seal

Sunday, February 24, 2002

 Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 6.0c >> >> Min. 1.5c >> >> Reset 4.5c >> >> Rain 0.4mm
MARINELIFE: Took some great still photos today of a very cooperative and photogenic Elephant Seal that hauled out on the South West Rocks about noon today. (we will post them soon) Some very sad Elephant Seal news from the Centre Rock however. There was some activity out there yesterday as a large animal hauled out. Today, through the spotting scope it became clear this animal has a rope around his neck just ahead of the flippers. It would appear this is quite serious as the line is very tight. Our total Elephant Seal count is four right now so it looks like this is one of our regulars. Chris Blondeau had a closer look from Second Nature this afternoon so he may have more information. I regret there is nothing we can do despite the fact this is the result of human disregard for the oceans and the critters that call it home. We would never get close enough to administer a sedative or catch the big guy before he took to the water. We will keep a close watch on him and hope he can free himself. Two mature Bald Eagles were around most of the day sometimes on the high rock here on Great Race and often on the East Rock. Our three pairs of Canada Geese are getting along much better today.
HUMAN INTERACTION: Only two ecotour boats in the MPA today. My wife Sandy and our friends Cathy Denny and David Anderson returned to the “mainland” (Vancouver Island) at 15:40 so now I am the sort of lonely eco-guardian. Great sunset and now a near full moon in a clear sky. It’s Race Rocks and there is no place like it!
WORLD EVENTS: Today Canada won Olympic Gold in men’s hockey. We caught it on CBC Radio the old fashioned way and cheered them on from Race Rocks.
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Good Morning
Weather: Cloudy with clearing from the East >> >> Vis 17 Miles >> >> Wind NNE 12 Knots >> >> Sea 1 foot chop.
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