Census August 31st

The island has began a shift in population recently, with the adolescent gulls beginning to take flight and hunting on their own the population itself seems to be thinning out. We have some new visitors out this way with some canadian geese calling race rocks there home or maybe just a short term vacation spot. Lately the #’s of sea lions have been increasing steadily in the previous week, with the lions taking advantage of the grassy sections farther inland from the rocky coast.

Stellar Sea Lions – 175

Californian Sea Lions- 73

Elephant Seals- 3

200 Gulls

50 Adolescent gulls

30 Canadian Geese

20 Oyster Catchers

Flying practice time for the first born chicks


West light winds most of the time but we had some wind coming from North East  for the 1st time this Summer.last Friday I got a lot of fog with no visibility at all and again two nights ago for a few hours.We have some very low tides .


I have been attacked by the gulls getting very nasty. I had a helmet!There are chicks everywhere and the eagles and vultures are hunting almost every morning and I found already 3 bodies and 2 of the small ones  had been recently killed. Territory fight! Many oyster catchers(not true last year). Only 4 elephant seals and 12 sea lions on Middle Rocks. Early a morning I found a very small harbor seal on the railway; 50cm not more with a lot of fur!


The solar panels ,the house windows are getting so dirty!The house entrance too… I pumped more sea water for the underground reserve …This week I had a training everyday at Pedder bay (Navigation and radio operator license Training) So I was gone a big part of the days with some challenge for launching the boat (Low tides). I had to do it around 4AM


The number of whale watchers around the rocks is insane . On Saturday I counted that at least 1000 people were around ! It’s a number really!