• Visibility: 15 Miles
  • Wind:  0-10 NE
  • Sky: cloudy and rainy
  • Water: a bit choppy this morning, calm now


  • Had a couple boats cruise by and a helicopter flew by a couple times


  • California sea lions – 215
  • Stellar sea lions – 159
  • Harbour seals – 22
  • Elephant seals – 1 large male
  • Gulls – 307
  • Cormorants – 68
  • Geese – 14
  • Eagles – 4


  • well I am off tomorrow and Mikey will be the new ecoguardian until my return in 5 weeks

Harlequin Ducks

Ecological Happenings

  • Three Harlequin ducks seen today.
  • Two Bald Eagles flying together (one juvenile).
  • Winds picked up speed today to 16kts. Strong wind warnings have and continue to be in effect.

Marine Vessels

  • Two tour boats seen today. They are missing the views of the Sea Lions, as boats usually visit the North West of the island, while currently most Sea Lions have moved to the south island.
  • One helicopter flying relatively low. Animals were startled.


No visitors.


maintenance work

At 1111hrs PDT a Prince of Whales vessel was spotted entering the Reserve at high speed in close proximity to West Race.
A CCG helicopter did a reconnaissance flight around the tower this morning.
Erik and Evgeny arrived to install the cable for the new underwater camera. Two techs from Environment Canada arrived to work on their weather equipment.
There were 4 visitors to the island today
California Sea Lion: 8

Coast Guard Helicopter replaces Generator

For maintenance purposes, the Canadian Coast Guard is replacing one of the generators necessary to power Race Rocks. This piece of equipment is a 25kW Diesel generator located in the engine room situated in the southern part of the island. Hopefully, in the next decade, we will be able to switch to renewable energy to move a step further toward our goal of sustainability for the islands and protection of the environment.

This video was made by Ryan Murphy and Paulina Ponce de Leon in October of 2000