Very strong currents


We have an alternating mode of days with no wind and some very windy days, raising to more than 40 knots (actually 44 knots on the 28th in the evening). Generally speaking the wind gets stronger almost every afternoon. We can also see some very strong currents around 12 knots  with the tides…very impressive even when you are used to… Some fog but not very often .


The most interesting fact at the end  of July is the number of harbor seal babies . they are everywhere on the rocks and very nice to look at.Early one morning the number of Pigeons guillemots closed to the jetty, their camp base on the rock,was impressive.The elephants seals are not so numerous now, between 1 and 5 at the most.One huge sea lions(a Steeler) was fishing alone closed to the jetty and the rest of the colony is on Middle rock.


Many, many whale watchers …it ‘s getting a problem when the huge ones with more than 100 people aboard, come very close to the jetty (I would say 30 meters ) and move the waters  to the point that is white everywhere because of the turbines…

4 helicopters came,  all at the same time on the 28th. They stayed for at least 3mn all around the tower. I guess for a control


The solar panels need attention everyday . I have to pump sea water with the high tide and sometimes in the night. The soft water pump broke …needs to be replace quickly.


Mr Tyrone Pile came with the Vice – Admiral of the Victoria Naval Base for a short visit